Temple College Libraries maintains a special collection of materials of historical significance to Temple College. This collection includes documents of permanent historical value such as official Temple College publications; college-related papers and publications generated by the administration, academic departments, faculty, staff, and student organizations. The collection also includes college-related non-textual material such as photographs, videos and recordings.

1927 Templar Leopard Tales Temple College also has worked with the University of North Texas Libraries’ Digital Projects Unit to make some historical Temple College publications available online. Through the Portal to Texas History, you can access the following publications:

  • The Templar - Temple College yearbook, 1927-1980
  • Leopard Tales - Student newspaper, 1946-1970


Researchers/patrons are encouraged to use the special collection, but some of the material may be one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable or in fragile condition. As a result, researcher/patrons may only access special collection materials by appointment in the Hubert M. Dawson Library under supervision of library staff. A completed “Request for Access” form (available at right), must be submitted to schedule an appointment to access the collections. Personal property including cameras, phones, bags, coats, umbrellas, notepads/paper, and writing implements may be allowed in the special collection area with prior permission from library staff. The use of personal cameras including cell phones in the special collection area requires prior permission from library staff. Gloves will be provided for the handling of fragile materials and/or photographs.


Limited reproduction services are available for a fee. Researchers/patrons wishing to request reproductions of special collection materials will complete and sign a “Reproduction Request Form.” All requests for reproduction are subject to review by the Division Director, Learning Resources. Requests for reproduction of special collection material constitutes an agreement that the researcher/patron will not reproduce, transfer, distribute, broadcast, publicly display, offer for sale, or otherwise use or publish any material subject to copyright, or a portion thereof, in excess of fair use, as defined by copyright law, without the express permission of the copyright holder. The library reserves the right to limit reproduction; restrict or deny the reproduction of rare or fragile items; deny a request for reproduction based on copyright restrictions; privacy rights, or other rights-related restrictions.

Copyright and Attribution

Although the Temple College library owns the materials in the special collection, the library may not own the copyright. Materials may be subject to copyright under United States Copyright Law or the copyright law of other countries. Copyright law protects both published and unpublished materials. The researcher/patron is solely responsible for determining the copyright status of materials and obtaining the necessary permissions from a copyright holder(s) for publication, distribution, exhibition or other use of copyrighted materials outside of fair use. The library cannot provide permission to publish, distribute or exhibit materials when Temple College does not own the copyright.

Temple College holds the copyright to certain types of materials in the special collection. These materials include printed materials issued by Temple College, Temple College administrative documents, and official Temple College photographic material. Permission for the publication, distribution, exhibition or other use of materials for which Temple College owns the copyright may be requested through the “Request for Permission to Publish/Exhibit” form. Permission to publish or exhibit is granted for one-time, non-exclusive, world-wide rights, solely for the project specified in the request and in the publication format indicated.

The correct way to cite or attribute materials from the special collection is “Courtesy of the Rose Anne Brasher Special Collection, Hubert M. Dawson Library, Temple College.”

Donation Policy

Temple College Libraries will only consider donations and gifts that fall within the scope materials of historical significance to Temple College for possible inclusion in the special collection. Any material accepted commits Temple College Libraries to the task of organizing and preserving it, which includes expenses for labor and archival supplies. The Division Director of Learning Resources will evaluate all donations or gifts for possible inclusion in the special collection. Due to liability, special collection donations will not be accepted “on loan” to the College. A completed “Special Collection Donation” form (available above), should be included with each donation. The Division Director of Learning Resources will consider requests for permission to place items from the special collection “on loan” on a case-by-case basis.