Library Materials
The library holds 55,000+ print books, 800+ DVDs, 500 CDs, 100+ databases, 175,000+ electronic books, 20+ electronic journals and access to over 29,000 streaming videos. 

Materials Donation
The Division Director, Learning Resources will evaluate all donated materials for inclusion in the general collection. Donated materials may be discarded if they are not judged suitable or necessary additions. Print, complete, and include the Materials Donation form with each donation.

Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources
Username: In lower case, enter last name of student (maximum of 15 characters), first letter of first name and last 3 digits of the student ID number. 
EXAMPLE: smithj567

Password: the letter “Tc” followed by 8-character birthdate (month/day/year) with no slashes, dashes, or spaces.
EXAMPLE: for Jan. 30, 1989, type Tc01301989

The library houses computers with Internet access for use by Temple College students, faculty and staff for academic purposes. Free guest Wi-Fi is available for all library patrons.  

TexShare Card Program
TexShare is a resource lending consortium comprised of many Texas academic and public libraries. Requests for a TexShre card may be placed through mail, by calling 254-298-8426, by email  or by using the TexShare card request form  on the library website. Click here  for the lists of participating TexShare libraries.

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows access to materials (books, articles or other information resources ) not held by the Temple College Library. Requests may be placed through mail, by calling 254-298-8426, by email , or by using the materials request form  on the library website.

Dual Credit/Distance Education/Online Students
Students enrolled in dual credit, distance education or online courses may contact the library by phone, email , or by using the library question form  for information regarding material access and services. Materials requested by EWCHEC-Hutto, Taylor or Texas Bioscience Institute patrons will be delivered to their site.

Please refer to the Temple College Hubert M. Dawson policies  or the Temple College policy manual  for additional information.