Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation:

Monday & Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8am-4pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 1pm-5pm

Q: How do I access library databases from home?

A: You can find directions in our Libguides: Temple College Home Page- Library Tab- Library Guides - Database Troubleshooting.

Q: I am trying to log in to digital library resources and the error message says my TC username or password is incorrect. What should I do?

A: First check and make sure that you are using:

  • Username:
    • EXAMPLE: smithj567
    • In lower case enter last name (no more than 15 characters), first letter of first name and last 3 digits of the student ID number
  • Password:
    • EXAMPLE: for Jan. 30, 1989, type Tc01301989
    • The letters “Tc” and 8-character birthdate (month/day/year). No slashes, dashes, or spaces.

A: You can also contact the IT Helpdesk and they can reset your password.

Call: 254-298-8450 or email:

Q: I have books checked out, what do I do?

A: Books can be returned to the book drop box near the north end of the parking lot side of the library.  Books are quarantined for one week once collected.  No daily fines are being assessed.

Q: Can I check out a physical book?

A: Yes, currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff can check out physical books:

  • use the “Library Search” to find materials and determine if an ebook format is available
  • If the title is only available in physical format, write down the title and call number before coming to the library - library staff will pull titles for you
  • when possible, email the library at 24 hours in advance of your intended visit with title and call number, and the library staff will have it ready for your arrival. 
  • browsing is discouraged

Q: Are textbooks available as eBooks?

A: Generally, no. However, many textbook publishers and other education companies are providing assistance to students in light of the quarantine situation. Check out information here:

Q: Can reserve books be checked out?

A: Yes, reserves can be used for up to two hours onsite.