The mission of the Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is to provide all Texans access to quality online instruction and support wherever they may live, regardless of geographic, distance, or time constraints.

Approval of VCT online course offerings and enrollment of current Temple College students is not guaranteed and is dependent upon many factors.

Temple College students may be granted permission to enroll in a VCT online course if the course is not currently offered at Temple College or no seats are available and the course is needed to fulfill a requirement;

  1. on a Temple College degree plan;
  2. for application to a program at another institution; or,
  3. on a degree plan at another institution if that institution doesn’t offer the course (i.e. a former TC student attending Texas A & M Central Texas who realizes they need a lower level course not offered at TAMUCT.)

A listing of online course offerings is available on the VCT Web site at

Students interested in pursuing approval for enrollment in a VCT online course must send an email providing the requested information and answering the following questions to

  1. Name
  2. Temple College Student ID number
  3. Course Name, Course number
  4. Term and length of course (i.e. Spring 2014, 16-weeks)
  5. Reason for needing course
  6. Will you be enrolled in courses at a school other than Temple College during the same semester as the VCT online course you are requesting?  If yes, what school, course names and numbers, and credit hours?
  7. Have you taken online courses previously with Temple College?  If yes, what course(s) and when?
  8. Have you taken VCT courses previously?  If so, what course(s) and when?

Important things to consider:

  • Review of VCT requests are worked in the order they are received in the VCT mailbox, but no earlier than the first day of regular registration for TC students each semester.
  • Enrollment in online Temple College courses will be given priority over VCT online course enrollments.
  • The course must be listed in our current Temple College catalog.
  • VCT online courses are very rigorous and students are expected to complete all coursework by the required deadlines.
  • Temple College online courses use Desire2Learn (D2L) however, VCT schools use different software systems and students are required to work within their online systems.
  • Financial Aid can be used to pay for Tuition & Fees.
  • Students must read the instructions for ordering course materials included on the reservation confirmation they receive when a seat is reserved for them on the VCT portal.  Depending on the Provider school and bookstore policies students may be able to use Financial Aid TC Bookstore charges to purchase VCT course materials.
  • Online courses offered at Provider institutions do not always follow the same schedule as TC courses and may have earlier beginning and end dates.
  • If a student is enrolled in a VCT online course and needs to withdraw from the course an email must be sent to the VCT Coordinator at to ensure the student is withdrawn from the course correctly.  Students may be responsible for payment of tuition & fees for dropped VCT courses.  The date of the withdrawal request will determine if the course will be dropped with a grade of “W” or a course grade at the time of withdrawal.
  • Students who drop or are dropped from a VCT online course may not be eligible for enrollment in additional VCT courses.

What happens after I send a request email?

  1. The request be logged by receipt date, reviewed and evaluated by the VCT Coordinator;
  2. The course will be checked against the TC course catalog and current course offerings;
  3. The course will be check against the current VCT online course offerings;
  4. If necessary, a request for course approval will be sent to the Department Chair;
  5. If approval is received the course will be added to our Temple College course offerings;
  6. If the request is denied the student will receive an email explanation in their TC Webmail account;
  7. The VCT Coordinator will reserve a seat for the student in the course with the VCT Provider institution and the student will receive a reservation confirmation email in their TC Webmail account;
  8. The VCT Coordinator will register the student in the course on the TC system and the student will receive an automated email notification in their TC Webmail account;
  9. Prior to the beginning of the course the student will receive emailed communication from the Provider institution with login and access instructions; and
  10. Payment for courses is due by COB on the Thursday you are registered in the course on the TC system.  If you do not have financial aid or do not make payment arrangements by the deadline, you will be dropped from the course.

What if I need to withdraw from a VCT course?
The withdrawal request must be emailed to the VCT Coordinator at as described in the “Special Instructions” section of the VCT course confirmation email the student receives when enrolled in the course on VCT.  The date of the withdrawal request will determine if the course will be dropped with a grade of “W” or a course grade at the time of withdrawal.