The primary focus of Speech courses is to help students build the skills needed to communicate effectively in a variety of settings including interpersonal, small group, professional, and public speaking. Every class you take will also help you manage your “fear of public speaking.” Speech faculty members are well aware of that issue and will offer specific advice and techniques for dealing with the anxiety. All assignments are designed to be relevant to your present life and career goals. The research and preparation you do for each activity will be personally rewarding and ultimately beneficial.

An AA in Speech will lead you on a path to transfer to a 4-year university or can be a springboard for an immediate career in many fields. Speech majors pursue careers such as media, promotions management, public relations, event planning, politics and teaching. As a skilled communicator, you are better able to meet the preferred criteria for most jobs in almost any field.

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Associate of Arts (AA) in Communication Studies

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Human communication has a time-honored place in the history of Western education dating back to the early Greeks. Your participation in a Speech class gives you the opportunity to join the ranks of successful professionals and influential individuals through the ages. Whether you choose an associate degree in Speech or just take one or two Speech classes to fulfill your Communication Core Curriculum and/or Major Elective, you will benefit greatly from the confidence and competence you gain through the process.
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