The Physics Department offers classes on the main Temple College campus. The mission of the physics and astronomy program at Temple College is to introduce students to the concepts and laboratory skills needed for further study in the fields of science and/or other related disciplines. Classes are available for those who will be transferring to a four-year school, obtaining an associate degree, as well as those who are completing programs in healthcare professions.

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Associate of Science (AS) in Physical Sciences

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Dr. John McClain


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Research & Outreach
Research opportunities exist through Science Education outreach projects and experimental design. Current educational projects include the development and improvement of an observational astronomy lab and astronomy outreach. Research associated with asteroid mapping and white dwarf stars provide opportunities for students to be involved in astronomy research. Students may also elect to become involved in learning and teaching robotics using the departments LEGO systems.
Additional Program Information

The department boasts a 9.5-inch Celestron GPS telescope and six Celestron 4-inch student GPS enabled telescopes. The telescopes may be used for solar as well as nighttime viewing. Video recording equipment for timing asteroid occultations is also available. The telescopes are used in star parties and other outreach activities across the Central Texas area. 

Students are free to learn and develop their robotic programming skills by utilizing the LEGO EV3 core and expansion sets. The department employs Vernier probeware and sensors for data collection and experiment analysis. Various simulation software is also offered. HP high-end desktop computers that support the computational activities of the department are also available.