Physical Education

The Physical Education Department offers activities that will not only satisfy graduation requirements, but will be of carry-over value and of recreational interest to students. This program also carries service courses that may be taken as an elective for the non-major or as a part of required courses towards a major in Physical Education. Other courses are taught for students pursuing majors in related fields.

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Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Arts (AA) in Physical Education

Program Information

The AA Physical Education (PHED) degree is designed for direct entry work in fitness/sports job markets or K-12Physical Education teacher.Itis not tailored for students on physical therapy, athletic training, or high school coaching routes.

Personal Trainer

Average entry-level salary $18,029
(with Certification)

K-12 PE Teacher

Average entry-level salary $43,119
(with Bachelor’s Degree & Teacher Certification)

All data listed above incorporates Central Texas jobs and entry wages found on

The AA Physical Education degree can lead to transfer in Exercise Sport Science, Kinesiology, and/or Sports Management. AA PHED students interested in these bachelor’s degrees must work with an academic advisor to determine transferrable course work