Students at Temple College have the opportunity to take a humanities course to satisfy a Core Curriculum Credit in “Language, Philosophy and Culture.”  The value of studying humanities is rooted in the human experience through the ages. The discipline reaches broadly through culture, religion, art, music, architecture and civilizations. Students discover their sense of connection to their past, present and future by exploring commonalities and differences between themselves and others.

Humanities faculty members facilitate dialogue and critical interpretation through assignments that encourage analysis and reflection. Both campus and online sections are available every semester to suit student learning and schedule preferences.

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Humanities Series
The Temple College Humanities Series promotes the exploration and expression of culture through fine arts. Each semester, the Fine Arts Division facilitates presentations in various disciplines to afford students and the community an opportunity to observe, analyze and even participate in cultural contexts of the arts (especially music, visuals arts and drama). The series is supported by donations and grants. Please contact the department for upcoming dates and more information.


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HUMA 1301 Introduction to the Humanities I
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