EMS Professions

The EMS Professions programs at Temple College have earned a reputation for excellence in the Central Texas healthcare community and throughout the state. Temple College graduates are in high demand for employment in the area.

We believe it is our responsibility to help our students prepare themselves to meet the challenges of providing prehospital medical care today and in the future. We believe that in order to do this, students must not only know what to do and how to do it, but why it is necessary. Our classes are aimed at providing our students with a comprehensive program of study that far exceeds what they would need to simply “get by.” All of our classes provide students with the most current and accurate information available in the industry.

Admission to each of these programs is competitive. Each program has a specific application process. Information sessions are held each month. Interested students are strongly encouraged to attend one of these sessions.

Program Equity Information


Debbie Parten