The Government Department offers students a foundation in the frameworks of American Government and Texas Government. Students enrolled in our courses will be able to critically evaluate issues, understand issues from multiple viewpoints, and analyze how issues are relevant to them. Ultimately, students will be able to identify how their governing institutions work so that they can unlock their own potential to bring positive change at the community, state and national levels. Students taking courses offered by this department can expect to earn credit that will be required by all public four-year universities in Texas and in various technical degrees or certificates offered by Temple College. Courses are offered in web-enhanced, online and hybrid formats; on multiple campuses; and at day and evening times.

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Chad Smith


Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Arts (AA) in Political Science

Program Information


Judicial Law Clerk

Average entry-level salary $21,568


Average entry-level salary $52,787
(with Bachelor’s Degree)

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – All data listed below incorporate Central Texas jobs and entry wages found on


Course Offerings

GOVT 2305 –  Federal Government (Federal Constitution and Topics)
Course Description
GOVT 2306 –  Texas Government (Texas Constitution and Topics)
Course Description