Students at Temple College have the opportunity to take an Introduction to Theatre (DRAM 1310) course to satisfy a Core Curriculum Credit in “Creative Arts.” Other courses like Acting, Stagecraft, Make-up, Voice & Diction, and even Development of the Motion Picture are offered periodically to support local theatre enthusiasts and the re-emerging Associate of Arts in Drama/Theatre.

A student concentrating in drama should emerge from the experience more knowledgeable, confident, sensitive, and aware of the benefits of cooperating and sharing with others. Study in the theatre arts offers exposure to creative dramatic expression, primarily in front of live audiences.  While an immediate career in theatre may not be the end result of a course or degree in drama, a college degree is an essential journey along that path.

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DRAM 1120 Theater Practicum I
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DRAM 1121 Theater Practicum II
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DRAM 1310 Theater Appreciation
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DRAM 1341 Make-up
Course Description
DRAM 2336 Voice for the Theatre
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DRAM 2366 Development of the Motion Picture I
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