Did you know that nearly two out of three of our students are 22 years old or older?

Temple College understands the many responsibilities and obligations adults have and do their best to make everyone comfortable. Starting college is a huge step – and we are here to help every step of the way.

As an Adult Learner, you can join others who are:

  • Starting College for the First Time
  • Returning to Complete a Degree or Professional Certificate
  • Pursuing Training to Re-Enter the Workforce
  • Interested in Career Advancement
  • Preparing for the High School Equivalency Test
  • Exploring Interests for Personal Growth




Faculty Student Mentors

Faculty and staff mentors are here to support your success as an adult learner. They can connect you with resources on campus for academic and personal support, and will be a listening ear as you journey through your education here at Temple College.

Working with a faculty mentor and your student academic advisor will help you achieve the goal of college completion, university transfer or career employment more successfully.

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