Lance English

Assistant Professor

Courses Taught
  • Biol 4251/Chem 4251 – Biochemistry Laboratory I (UIW)
  • Chem 1320/1120 – Biological Chemistry II (UIW)
  • Chem 1405 – Introductory Chemistry
  • Chem 1411 – General Chemistry I
  • Chem 1412 – General Chemistry II
  • Chem 2423 – Organic Chemistry I
  • Chem 2425 – Organic Chemistry II
  • Texas State University, M.S. in Biochemistry, 2013
  • Texas State University, B.S. in Microbiology, 2016
Teaching Experience
  • Temple College, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2021-present
  • University of the Incarnate Word, Adjunct Chemistry Faculty, 2018-present

Professional Publications
  • English LR, Voss SM, Tilton EC, Paiz EA, So S, Parra GL, Whitten ST. “Impact of heat on coil hydrodynamic size yields the energetics of denatured state conformational bias.” Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2019): pages 10014-10024.
  • English LR, Tischer A, Demeler AK, Demeler B, Whitten ST. “Sequence reversal prevents chain collapse and yields heat-sensitive intrinsic disorder.” Biophysical Journal (2018): pages 328-340.
  • English LR, Tilton EC, Ricard BJ, Whitten ST. “Intrinsic α helix propensities compact hydrodynamic radii in intrinsically disordered proteins.” Proteins (2017): pages 296-311.
  • Yarawsky AE, English LR, Whitten ST, Herr AB. “The proline/glycine-rich region of the biofilm adhesion protein Aap forms an extended stalk that resists compaction.” Journal of Molecular Biology (2016): pages 261-279.
  • Dasari R, Masi M, Lisy R, Ferderin M, English LR, Cimmino A, Mathieu V, Brenner AJ, Kuhn JG, Whitten ST, Evidente A, Kiss R, Kornienko, A. “Fungal metabolite ophiobolin A as a promising anti-glioma agent: in vivo evaluation, structure-activity relationship and unique pyrrolylation of primary amines.” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2015): pages 4544-4548