Rachelle Beattie

Manager, Science Lab



Courses Taught
  • ENVR 1101 Environmental Science Laboratory I
  • ENVR 1301 Environmental Science I
  • Marquette University, Doctor of Philosophy: Biology
  • Northwest Missouri State University, Master of Science: Biology
  • Northwest Missouri State University, Bachelor of Science: General Biology
Teaching Experience
  • Temple College, Adjunct Instructor, March 2021-Present
  • Marquette University, Graduate Teaching Assistant, August 2016-May 2017
  • Northwest Missouri State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant, January 2015-May 2016

Professional Experience

ProBiora Health, LLC, Technical and Regulatory Leader, August 2019-October 2020

Professional Publications
  • Beattie, R.E., Bandla, A., Swarup, S., Hristova, K.R. 2020. Freshwater sediment microbial communities are not resilient to disturbance from agricultural land runoff. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:539921, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.539921
  • Beattie, R.E., Skwor, T., Hristova, K.R. 2020. Survivor microbial populations in post-chlorinated wastewater are strongly associated with untreated hospital sewage and include ceftazidime and meropenem resistant populations, Science of the Total Environment, 740: 140186
  • Beattie, R.E., Bakke, E., Konopek, N., Thill, R., Munson, E., Hristova, K.R. 2020. Antimicrobial resistance traits of Escherichia coli isolated from dairy manure and freshwater ecosystems are similar to one another but differ from associated clinical isolates, Microorganisms, 8(5):747.
  • Beattie, R.E., Henke, W., Campa Ayala, M.F., Hazen, T.C., McAliley, L.R., Campbell, J.H. 2018. Variation in microbial community structure correlates with heavy-metal contamination in soils decades after mining ceased, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 126(2018):57-63.
  • Beattie, R.E., Walsh, M., Cruz, M.C., McAliley, L.R., Dodgen, L., Zheng, W., Hristova, K.R. 2018. Agricultural contamination impacts antibiotic resistance gene abundances in river bed sediment temporally, FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 94(9):fiy131.
  • Beattie, R.E., Henke, W., Davis, C., Mottaleb, M.A., Campbell, J.H., McAliley, L.R. 2017. Quantitative analysis of the extent of heavy-metal contamination in soils near Picher, Oklahoma, within the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Chemosphere, 172(2017): 89-95.