Cynthia Martinez

Part-Time Instructor, Math



Courses Taught

Math 0310 This is a pre-algebra course. It covers fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, percent, geometric facts, statistical graphs, signed numbers, and a brief introduction to linear equations. Students will review the elements of the assessment test, as well as topics such as applications of mathematics, and math anxiety.
Math 0330 This course covers topics from the fi rst year of algebra: operations with signed numbers, solving linear equations, graphing lines, exponent rules, operations with polynomials, factoring, solving linear systems, and an introduction to solving quadratic equations.
Math 0350 This course prepares students for Math 1314 and Math 1324. This course covers topics from the second year of algebra: exponent rules, fractional exponents, operations with polynomials, factoring, operations with rational expressions, operations with radicals, solving linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, graphing lines and parabolas, graphing linear inequalities, and solving systems of linear equations and inequalities. This course may also introduce students to conics and to functions including exponential and logarithmic functions.
Math 1314 This course explores the properties of several common types of functions along with their graphs. Functions include polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and inverses. This course covers methods of solving systems of equations, linear programming, and matrices.
Math 1324 This course covers linear and quadratic functions and their graphs, matrices, linear programming, compound interest,systems of linear equations, probability and descriptive statistics, as well as applications to management, economics, and business. Students will be required to use a calculator.
Math 1332 This course consists of a study of linear and exponential growth, descriptive statistics, personal finance, and other applications of simple modeling. It emphasizes using critical thinking to make decisions based on information. Some sections will be designated as technical sections and place emphasis on technology applications.
Math 1350 Concepts of sets, functions, numeration systems, number theory, and properties of the natural numbers, integers, rational and real number systems with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking.
Math 1351 Concepts of geometry, probability, and statistics, as well as applications of the algebraic properties of real numbers to concepts of measurement with an emphasis on problem solving.
Math 2412 This course includes an integrated treatment necessary for calculus. Topics include trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, radian and degree measure, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations, solutions of triangles, inverse trigonometric functions, vectors (parametric and polar representations are included), conic sections, sequences and series, and mathematical induction.
Math 2413 This course includes limits and continuity, differentiation of algebraic functions, various applications of the derivatives, maxima and minima, differentials and anti-differentiation, mean value theorem for derivatives, integration, the definite integral, differentiation and integration of transcendental functions, and L’Hospital’s rule.
Math 2414 This course covers formal integration by various techniques, calculus of polar and parametric forms, Taylor polynomials, sequences and series, power series, and applications of the definite integral.


Angelo State University, B.S. Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin, M.Ed.
Living Yoga Program, 200-hr Certification, Yoga RT

Teaching Experience

Belton HS, Math teacher, 1992-1999
Waco University HS, Math teacher, 1990-1992
Temple HS, Math teacher, 1987-1990