Cynthea Andrews

Part-Time Hourly ADN Instructor


Nursing - ADN

Courses Taught
  •  RNSG 1360
  • Associates in Art
  • Associates in Science
  • Associates of Nursing
  • Bachelors in the Science of Nursing
  • Masters in the Science of Nursing Education
Teaching Experience
  • Primary preceptor for new nurses on Three South at Providence Hospital.
  • Preceptor for MCC students in their final semester of nursing school.
Professional Experience
  • Clinical Adjunct Professor 8/26/2019- present
  • Teaching clinical courses with 8-10 students while incorporating evidence-based practice.
  • During the pandemic, I helped to train students in a virtual setting by creating individual simulations and practice material.
  • Actively participates in simulation training. Simulations include obtaining vital signs, placing IVs, properly addressing depressed and suicidal patients, wound care, and postpartum patient care.
  • Resource Nurse 9/8/2019- present
  • Chart auditing.
  • Patient experience rounds.
  • Policy reviewing and editing.
  • Precepting new staff on the unit.
  • Currently an active member of a PCT training team.
  • Discharge callbacks to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Monitoring of infection trends on the unit.
  • Creating and monitoring unit goals for key metrics.
  • General staff education including unit orientation and creating educational materials.
  • Adult and Pediatric Medical-Surgical Floor Nurse 2017- present
  • Successfully precepted six nurses on the unit.
  • Creating a positive work environment by assessing and addressing issues between staff members or patients/visitors.
  • Maintaining budget through appropriately staffing the unit.
  • Coordinating safe patient care with floor nurses, nursing supervisors, managers, and floor directors.
  • Actively participates on the Clinical Practice Council.
  • Primary charge nurse.
  • Awarded employee of the year and nominated for the Daisy Award five times.
  • Patient Care Technician III 12/2015-12/2016
  • Provided excellent patient-centered care.
  • Participated in basic nursing skills such as: starting and discontinuing IVs, performing in and out urinary catheterization, retrieving blood glucoses.
  • Performed patient care including baths, turns, physical therapy, and transporting patients to various locations in the hospital.
Research Interests
  • Nursing Education
  • Emergency Medicine