Sharon Warden



Social Sciences I

Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Sociology 1301: The scientific study of human society, including ways in which groups, social institutions, and individuals affect each other. Causes of social stability and social change are explored through the application of various theoretical perspectives, key concepts, and related research methods of sociology. Analysis of social issues in their institutional context may include topics such as social stratification, gender, race/ethnicity, and deviance.

  • Social Problems Sociology 1306: Application of sociological principles and theoretical perspectives to major social problems in contemporary society such as inequality, crime and violence, substance abuse, environmental issues, deviance, or family problems.

  • Marriage and Family Sociology 2301: Sociological and theoretical analysis of the structures and functions of the family, the varied cultural patterns of the American family, and the relationships that exist among the individuals within the family, as well as the relationships that exist between the family and other institutions in society.

  • Minority Studies Sociology 2319: This course studies minority-majority group relations, addressing their historical, cultural, social, economic, and institutional development in the United States. Both sociological and social psychological levels of analysis will be employed to discuss issues including experiences of minority groups within the context of their cultural heritage and tradition, as well as that of the dominant culture. Core concepts to be examined include (but are not limited to) social inequality, dominance/subordination, prejudice, and discrimination. Particular minority groups discussed may include those based on poverty, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion.

  • Drugs and Society Sociology 2340: Study of the use and abuse of drugs in today’s society. Emphasizes the physiological, sociological, and psychological factors.
  • Master of Arts in Sociology, Baylor University, 1990 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Baylor University, 1987
Teaching Experience
  • Professor of Sociology, Temple College, August 2000-Present
  • Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Central Texas College, August 2019-May 2020
  • Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, McLennan Community College, August 1996-May 1997
  • Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Hill Community College, May 1997-May 1998
  • Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Texas Christian University, August 1992-May 1994
  • Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Tarrant County Community College August 1991-May 1996