Claudia Turner

Lead Instructor

Courses Taught
  • RNSG 1146 Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing
  • RNSG 1301 Introduction to Pharmacology
  • RNSG 1517 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice 1 for Articulating Students
  • RNSG 1360 Clinical Nursing 1
  • RNSG 1205 Nursing Skills
  • 1988 Master of Science in Nursing; Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas
    • Clinical Major: High-RiskMaternity
    • Functional Major: Nursing Education
    • Thesis Research: “The Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction and Computer Interactive Video on the Learning of Nursing Students in Protection of the Caregiver and the AIDS Patient.”
  • 1983 Bachelor of Science in Nursing; University of Texas School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas
    • Major: Nursing
  • 1977 Associate Degree in Applied Science; Galveston College, Galveston, Texas
    • Major: Nursing
Teaching Experience
  • 2018 – PRESENT: LEAD INSTRUCTOR, AD NURSING PROGRAM; TEMPLE COLLEGE, TEMPLE, TEXAS Responsible for review and revision of the curriculum in collaboration with the Executive Director of Nursing and nursing program faculty; Assist with coordination of clinical experiences with Nursing Clinical Coordinator; Advise faculty as necessary to maintain consistency in the program; Assists faculty, when needed, in addressing all aspects of verifying end-of-program learning outcomes, including identification, review, revision, measurement, and analysis of outcomes; Oversee the development, review, and revision of course syllabi; Maintain communication between students, program faculty, and Executive Director of Nursing; Participates in recruitment and orientation of students; Reports to the Executive Director of Nursing any faculty absences, student grievances/appeals, and other matters that may affect instruction; Make recommendations for the annual budget to the Executive Director of Nursing; Schedule and conduct regular meetings of the faculty and standing faculty committees; Serve on search committees for faculty recruitment and assist with orientation of new faculty; Provide input into the evaluation process of faculty in collaboration with the Executive Director of Nursing; Coordinate and submit textbook orders for the program; Represent Temple College Nursing at professional meetings and at public functions when appropriate; Serve as a liaison for the Nursing Advisory Council; Teach classes as assigned: Legal Ethical Issues in Nursing (RNSG 1146), Introduction to Pharmacology (RNSG 1301); Individual topics in management and clinical front loading
  • 1999 – PRESENT: INSTRUCTOR / PROFESSOR OF AD NURSING; TEMPLE COLLEGE, TEMPLE, TEXAS Responsible for primary teaching (didactic, laboratory sessions, testing, evaluation, etc) in the areas of LVN-to-RN bridging, pediatrics, obstetrics, leadership & management, and legal ethical issues in nursing. Course coordinator for pediatrics, obstetrics, and legal ethical courses. Duties include: developing and producing purchase packets and course outlines; developing Desire2 Learn sites to web-enhance the courses. Clinically supervise groups of students in obstetrics and pediatrics. Supervise students in these areas during clinical practicums. Duties include post conferences, evaluation of written work, supervision of psychomotor skills, and evaluation of overall clinical performance. Clinically supervise groups of students in on-campus simulation for pediatrics. Supervise students during simulation, development of care plan, writing outcomes, selecting interventions that address outcomes, and evaluation of the plan of care. Developed original on-campus clinical component for Bridging Students to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge regarding critical thinking, nursing process, and medication administration. Level Facilitator / Team Leader for sophomore level. Duties include: chairing team meetings, recording minutes, assisting with decision making, and assisting with the administration for all second-year courses. Installed original software for ParSCORE. Provided faculty training on program and Scantron. Continue to serve as a resource/mentor as newer versions of the program are implemented to include ParTEST and ParTestOnline. Attended training and developed original Desire2Learn sites for the courses RNSG 2201: “Care of Children and Families” and RNSG 1251: “Care of the Childbearing Family” to web-enhance these courses. Remediation advisor for students seeking success on Exit Exam/Comprehensive End of Program Exam (name and policy change as of 1/2011). Meet with students to identify areas needing remediation, provide guidance and assistance as needed. Mentor new nursing faculty. Orient full- and part-time nursing faculty regarding program philosophy, courses, objectives, testing, and teaching techniques. Mentor graduate students in the teaching role.
  • Provider Unit Director & Primary Nurse Planner for Temple College Nursing Continuing Education Provider Unit (2005 – 2009). Developed and presented “Competency Validation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” for TNA District 7. “Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Learning Through Critical Thinking”: served on the planning committee, developed a budget, coordinated registration, chaired activities, coordinated break-out sessions, and implemented the program. Presented topic “Scenario Writing 101”. Developed and presented an in-service program for faculty on the increasing level of difficulty on exam questions, utilizing critical thinking techniques in the classroom, and most recently utilizing the clinical evaluation tool. Chairman of the Nursing Evaluation Committee. Duties include: collecting and analyzing data, preparing agendas, chairing meetings, recording, and distribution of minutes, researching issues, assisting with decision making, assisting with evaluation of the implementation of changes, and documentation in the Program Evaluation Plan. Served on the Nursing Curriculum Committee (member 16 years, chair 2 years) and Admissions Committee (member 1 year and chair 1 year).
  • Secretary-Treasurer for Temple College Faculty Council (2008 – 2009): responsible for recording minutes, preparing Treasurer’s Reports, and facilitating communication in the organization.
  • President for Temple College Faculty Council (2009 – 2011; 2019 - 2021): responsible for conducting meetings, representing FC at official functions, report activities to the Temple College Board of Trustees meetings, and oversee the activities of the committees.
  • Vice-President for Temple College Faculty Council (2013 – 2015): responsible for assisting the President at meetings and chair of the Social Committee.
  • Member, Temple College Strategic Planning Committee (2018 – 2019): worked with the committee to review, revise, and solidify the strategic plan.
  • Member, SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan Committee (2018 – present): working with group on the selection, implementation, and evaluation of the college’s quality enhancement plan for the SACSCOC reaffirmation.
  • Chair, SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan Training Committee (2019 – present): responsible for implementing training for faculty on online and hybrid course delivery.
  • Chair, Student Support Services Circle of Caring, Food Committee (2017 – present): working with the committee to address issues related to the Temple College Leopard Food Pantry.
  • 1996 – 1999 – Drs. Charles Eric & Octavia Hall Professor (Endowed Professorship); GALVESTON COLLEGE ADN PROGRAM, GALVESTON, TEXAS Responsible for the development of a twenty-four (24) computer laboratory (including planning layout, supervising wiring, ordering hardware and software, coordinating with computer services for loading network software, loading non-network software to hard drives of computers, and performing minor maintenance on computers in the center). Worked with students to assist them with the use of the internet for reference materials and papers. Worked with students to learn operating system software to access needed learning material. Served as a resource to students on computer use (assisting with software issues as well as hardware issues). Worked with faculty interested in using computers in the classroom to help them accomplish their teaching plans and to help them utilize key areas of the internet when access was available in their classrooms. Facilitated interaction and serve as a liaison between the Hall Center and the Health Occupations Division and Computer Services. Taught faculty classes on application software (PowerPoint was the most requested). Mentor faculty on the use of PowerPoint to present teaching materials. Mentor new nursing faculty on the use of the college network, application software, and ParSCORE/ParTEST software used for testing and grading. Served as a resource for previewing and purchasing computer software. Worked with computer services to maintain the nursing software on the academic file server. Taught computer skills and techniques as needed to faculty and students including sections of the Computers in Healthcare course. Developed database screens as needed for division and student learning. Assisted faculty to “set-up” computer hardware and projection systems to complement classroom presentations.
  • 1989- 1999 – Learning Resources Coordinator; GALVESTON COLLEGE ADN PROGRAM, GALVESTON, TEXAS Facilitated faculty use and student learning in a psychomotor skills laboratory. Maintained inventory of simulation supplies and equipment. Assisted with faculty planning and implementation of psychomotor skills sessions. Responsible for day-to-day activities and utilization of skills laboratory. Facilitated faculty preview and purchase of media. Authored audiovisual aids for use in the classroom. Served as liaison to the library, media center, and computer services. Developed with computer services a pilot for online testing in the nursing program; provided in-service training for faculty and students in the use of computers and for specific software packages. Served as a resource and consultant for faculty (within the college and outside the college) in the utilization of computers in nursing education. Served on college committees involved in the use of computers on campus such as the Instructional Support Committee and the Instructional Technology Task Force which became the college-wide Technology Steering Committee (named as co-chair, first with the College President then with the Director of Information Services).
  • 1989 – 1996 – Instructor/Assistant Professor of Nursing; GALVESTON COLLEGE ADN PROGRAM, GALVESTON, TEXAS Responsible for primary teaching (didactic, laboratory sessions, testing, evaluation, etc) in the areas of obstetrics, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, and leadership and management. Served as course coordinator for obstetrics course. Clinically supervised groups of students in labor and delivery, inpatient psychiatry, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Supervised students in these areas during clinical practicums: duties included pre-and post conferences, evaluation of written work, supervision of psychomotor skills, and evaluation of overall clinical performance. Served on Temple College Curriculum Committee (member 3 years). Reviewed all proposed curriculum changes and made recommendations to the Vice President regarding approvals. Participated in Faculty Senate (member 10 years, Senator 5 years, Secretary 1 year, Vice-President 2 years, President 1 year). As President, traveled with the President and Board of Regents to Austin to lobby state senator and representatives regarding college issues. Chaired meetings, presented reports to the Board of Regents, and oversaw the work of committees. Chaired a SACS Self-Study Committee (Learning Resources). Chaired meetings, assisted with report preparation, and assisted with SACS visit. Served on the Nursing Curriculum Committee (member 1 years, Chairman 2 years). Examined two eight-week courses and created one sixteen-week senior-level medical-surgical course. Revised first level sixteen-week medical-surgical course to include two days of clinical per week. Served on the Nursing Evaluation Committee (member 1 year, Chairman 1 year). Responsible for total program evaluation and congruence of philosophy with the curriculum. Student evaluation of the program was included. Served on the Admissions & Progressions Committee (member 1 year, Chairman 2 years). Developed with Dean policies and procedures for the “rolling admissions” process; developed re-entry testing policies based on research related to NCLEX pass rates; developed database (Microsoft Access) of potential students for tracking purposes. Served on the Humanities Council (member 4 years). Participated in two summer seminars as part of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant on Hispanic and African-American Literature. (A Humanities course was developed as a result of the grant). Served as Vice Chairman for Lecture Series: Violence in the Community. Assisted with grant applications, publicity, on-site details, secured moderators for panel sessions, assisted with advertising poster development. Served on the Nursing Peer Review Committee (member 2 years). Reviewed Policies and Procedures for compliance with the Texas Board of Nurse Examiner rules and regulations. Served as an advisor to the Nursing Students Association (1 year) and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (2 years). Served as a Faculty Advisor assisting in the Counseling Center during peak registration times. Served on the Graduation Committee (Ad-Hoc) (member 2 years, Chairman 2 years). Planned, implemented, and produced the nursing recognition ceremony for graduates held the afternoon of the college graduation.
  • January, 1988 - May, 1988 – Clinical Faculty; UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF NURSING, GALVESTON, TEXAS Supervised eight students in labor and delivery and postpartum clinical practicums including pre-and post-conference, evaluation of written work, supervision of psychomotor skills, and evaluation of overall clinical performance.
  • 1981-1989 – Training Specialist II UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SCHOOL OF NURSING, GALVESTON, TEXAS Facilitated teaching of nursing students’ psychomotor skills in a simulated environment. Maintained inventory of simulation supplies and equipment. Assisted faculty with planning and implementation of psychomotor skills sessions. Assumed responsibility for the efficiency of day-to-day operations and activities, utilization, and staff coverage of skills lab. Authored audiovisual and computer learning packages to facilitate student learning. Assisted with the production of media to facilitate student learning, designed graphics, shot photographs, and slides for use in media programs and for recruitment purposes, and assisted students in computer labs (Apple and Macintosh computers). Supervised student practice as requested by faculty members or students Certified faculty and students in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Oriented new employees to day-to-day operations. Supervised student workers in the skills lab. Served as a lab consultant for faculty colleagues visiting the school (Bahrain, Barbados, United States). Served on the Learning Resources Committee, skills course teams (as a consultant), and on the hospital-school joint recruitment committee as well as numerous special committees. Recruited for nursing programs (Bachelor’s and Master’s). Worked on numerous continuing education programs in a variety of roles including program development, advertising, registration, and implementation of the activity.
Professional Publications

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Chapter 30) in the text: Bolander, V.B. (1994); Sorensen and Luckman’s basic nursing: A psychophysiological approach; 3rd edition; Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company.

Professional Performances


¨ Straub, C. (1999) Medical Terminology Course. Internet. Galveston College. ¨ 

¨ Straub, C. (1998). Laboratory Screens (Microsoft Access) for the course “Computers in Healthcare”.

¨ Straub, C. (1998) Hall Center Web Page. Internet. Galveston College.

¨ Straub, C. (1994) “Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation”. Videotape. Galveston College.

¨ Straub, C.& Reiter, P. (1990) “Insertion of a Nasogastric Tube”. Videotape. Galveston College.

¨ Straub, C. (1988) “AIDS: Protecting the Patient”. Computer Interactive Video Program. University of Texas School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas.

¨ Straub, C. (1986) “Administration of Ocular Medications”. University of Texas School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas.

¨ Straub, C. (1984) “Calculating Dosages”. Computer-assisted instruction program for the Apple Computer. University of Texas School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas.

Professional Presentations


1998 “Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Therapeutic Communication” at the 7th Biennial North American Learning Resource Centers Conference, The Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada.


  2010 “Scenario Development: Community Health” Texas Team Central Region Workshop, #4, College Station, TX

¨ 2010 “The Road Less Travelled….” Texas Team Central Region Workshop #3, Temple College, Temple, TX

¨ 2010 “Scenario Writing 101”. Texas Team Central Region Workshop #1, Blinn

College, Bryan, TX.

¨ 2007 “Scenario Writing 101” and “Making Simulation ‘Real’ for the Learner” Four States Nursing Education Summit, Texarkana College, Texarkana, TX.

¨ 2006 “Sim-Man: Making Clinical Simulation Come Alive” for nursing faculty at

Temple College, Temple, Texas.

¨ 1995 “Virtual Reality” at the Texas Organization for Associate Degree Nursing annual conference, Clear Lake, Texas.

¨ 1995 “Virtual Reality” for the Galveston College Professional Development

Committee’s First Friday Seminar Series, Galveston, Texas.

¨ 1987 “Interactive Video on a Budget” at “Special Computer Applications in Nursing Education” presented by the University of Texas School of Nursing and the Southern Region Education Board, Galveston, Texas.

¨ 1987 “Scantron” at “Managing Computer-Supported Nursing Education”

presented by the University of Texas School of Nursing and the

Southern Region Education Board, Galveston, Texas.

¨ 1984 “Interactive Video” at the seminar “Way to Go in Media”, Faculty Development Day, University of Texas School of Nursing, Galveston, Texas.

¨ 1982 “Apple Pilot” at the “Computer Technology in Education” workshop

presented by the University of Texas School of Nursing and the Office of Continuing Education, UTMB, Galveston, Texas.


¨ 2007 “Global Concept” in “Creating Your Portfolio” Professional Development

Conference, Scott & White Hospital, Temple, TX.

¨ 2007 “Competency Validation” for the Texas Nurses Association District 7 at

Temple College in Temple, Texas.

¨ 2007 “Scenario Writing 101” in “Bridging the Gap: Using Simulation to Enhance

Clinical Practice” Temple College, Temple, Texas.

  • Claudia and W. T. Barnhart Teacher of the Year Award, Temple College (2018)
  • Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty Award, American Association of Community Colleges (2018)
  • NISOD Outstanding Faculty Award – Temple College (2018)
  • NISOD Outstanding Faculty Award – Temple College (2016)
  • Exceptional Service Award – Faculty, Galveston College (1997)
  • NISOD Outstanding Faculty Award - Galveston College (1997)
  • Nurse of the Year, TNA District 6 (1991)
  • Leadership Award, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UTMB (1988).
  • Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society for Nursing, Alpha Delta Chapter. Member, 1985 to present