Tracy Schafer

Professor, Biology 9 Month



Courses Taught

General Biology I, Biol 1406

General Biology II, Biol 1407

Anatomy & Physiology I, Biol 2401

Anatomy & Physiology II,  Biol 2402


Midwestern State University, MS, Biology

Midwestern State University, BS, Biology

Midwestern State University, Teaching Certification

Teaching Experience

Colegio Nueva Granada, Bogota, Colombia, Instructor, 2003 – 2009

Tinian High School, Northern Mariana Islands, Teacher,  1995-1997, 2001 – 2003

Northern Marianas College, Northern Mariana Islands, Adjunct Instructor, 2002

Fundacion Liceo Ingles, Pereira, Colombia, Teacher, 1998 – 2001

Vernon Regional Junior College, Adjunct Instructor, 1990

Midwestern State University, Lab Instructor, 1987-1990

Professional Experience

Frank Orth & Associates, Scientific Observer, 1990

Midwestern State University, Field Researcher, 1990

Professional Publications

Stangl Frederick, Schafer Tracy, Goetze Jim, Pinchak William. Oppotunistic use of modified and disturbed habitat by the Texas kangaroo rat (Dipodomys elator). The Texas Journal of Science (1992): pages 25-35

Schafer Tracy, Dalquest Walter. Comparison of dental characters of fossil horses in two Pleistocene local faunas. The Texas Journal of Science (1991): pages 45-49

Schafer Tracy. Mammals of the Abajo Mountains, an isolated mountain range in San Juan county, southeastern Utah. Occassional Papers The Museum Texas Tech University (1991): pages 1-15

Stangl Frederick, Kasper Stephen, and Schafer Tracy. Noteworthy range extensions and marginal distributional records for five species of Texas mammals. The Texas Journal of Science (1989): page 436

Schafer Tracy and Kasper Stephen. Additional herpetological records for Texas. The Texas Journal of Science (1989): pages 337-338