Lisa G Perry

Lab Coordinator, Instructor



Courses Taught
  • DMSO1110 Intro to Sonography
  • DMSO1251 Cross-sectional Anatomy (Sonography) Dms1251 Lab
  • DMSO1341 Abdominopelvic Normal DMS 1341 Lab 1341
  • DMSO1441 Abdominopelvic Normal DMS1441 Lab
  • DMSO2341 Abdominopelvic Abnormal DMS 2341 Lab
  • DMSO2441 Abdominopelvic Abnormal Dms2441 Lab
  • DMSO1201 Lab Techniques of Medical Sonography
  • DSVT1200 Lab Principles of Vascular Technique
  • DMSO1361 Clinical I
  • DMSO2253L Superficial Structures Lab
  • DMSO2342L High-Risk Ob Lab
  • DMSO2405L OB/GYN Lab
  • DSVTL2418 Noninvasive Peripheral Vascular Lab
  • DSVTL2330 Cerebral Vascular Lab
  • DMSO2163 Clinical II
  • Valencia Community College Orlando Florida
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound School, Diagnostic Medical Sonography AS
  • Temple College, Temple, Texas
  • Oregon Institute for Technology, BS (Bachelor’s Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Teaching Experience
  • Part-time Instructor 2014 to 2017
  • Full-Time Instructor (Clinical Coordinator)2018 to present
Professional Experience
  • Humana Hospital, Kissimmee, Florida 1991-
  • Brandon Diagnostic clinic, Brandon Florida
  • St. Petersburg Medical Clinic, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Largo Medical Center, Largo, Florida
  • Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Temple, Texas
  • Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, Waco, Texas
  • Providence Hospital, Waco Texas
  • Waco Center for Women’s Health, Waco Texas
  • Temple College, Temple, Texas Present
Professional Publications
  • Diagnostic & Invasive Cardiology September/October 2003

“Selecting Technology for a top Rated Cardiac Center”