Temple College representatives at the Fall 2021 Texas Pathways Institute. Temple College representatives at the Fall 2021 Texas Pathways Institute.Temple College was one of six recipients of the 2021 Texas Pathways Awards given by the Texas Success Center.

The college received the award for Excellence in Keeping Students on the Path. The citation that came with the award read as follows:

Temple College excels in practices and student outcomes associated with keeping students on the path to earning a credential. Temple College has implemented an appreciative/holistic advising model at scale. Advisors regularly meet with students to monitor which program of study they are enrolled in, and how far along the student is toward completing the program requirements. Advisors and students are alerted when students are at risk of falling off their program plans and have policies and support in place, such as CRM Advise and success coaches, to intervene in ways that help students get on back toward their academic goals. Incoming students are provided assistance to ensure course scheduling is optimized to ensure that students earn a credential or enter an alternative program without losing college credits. These exemplar practices at Temple College have provided entering students early success in their first-college level reading and writing courses which will enable students to stay on their path.

Temple College was one of the first colleges selected to participate in the Texas Pathways Project, which is run by the Texas Success Center. Participating colleges meet three times a year to learn how they can increase student success by getting students on pathways to degrees and helping them stay on those pathways.

The Texas Pathways Awards honor colleges for their implementation and scaling of guided pathways.