When did you attend Temple College?

I went to Temple Junior College in 1975.

What made you decide to go to Temple College?

I went to Temple Junior College with funding through the GI Bill. I remember that I had attended St. Phillips College in San Antonio in the 70’s. When I moved to Belton I found that I needed to get my GED (which was not needed while attending St. Phillips College), and researched locations for GED classes. I found that Temple High School (which used to be located in downtown Temple) offered the study courses I needed to attain my GED. It was during this time that I saw signage posted in THS that Temple Junior College held classes in the area for Air Conditioning, and this triggered my desire to attend Temple Junior College. I also remember seeing TV commercials advertising Temple Junior College and I knew I wanted to experience this college life. After preparing for my GED exam, I took and passed the test at the old Davis Elementary school in Belton.

After passing and receiving my GED, I registered for classes in Central Heat and Air at Temple Junior College, as I wanted to complete my certification that I started at St. Phillips College in San Antonio. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding through the GI Bill, I was unable to complete my certification program.

What were your first impressions of Temple College?

After researching this college and other colleges, I knew that I wanted to attend Tempe Junior College. The campus had a student friendly environment, access to many resources throughout the college, and some of the best professors who supported me. I loved attending college and being part of the “college life.” Although I started Temple Junior College in my 20’s, even the younger students were helpful and supported me with my coursework when needed. Going to Temple Junior College was an amazing experience. My only wish would have been to complete my certification.

How did attending Temple College impact you?

Although I was unable to complete my certification in Central Heat and Air, the knowledge I gained from my time at St. Phillips College and Temple Junior College provided me with the experience and skills in the mechanical field (specifically the electrical portion of the courses) that I needed to be successful in my future employment opportunities.

  • Lorenzo Valerio Guzman, Sr.