Public Access to Course Information

HB 2504, which was passed by the Texas Legislature during the 2009 legislative session, requires that all public institutions of higher learning in the State of Texas make available to the public the following information for each undergraduate classroom course that is offered for credit:

  • a course syllabus and a curriculum vita for the instructor of record
  • summarized end-of-course student evaluations of the instructor
  • a departmental budget report for the department under which the course is offered

In addition, the university must post information about work-study opportunities, cost of attendance and financial aid.

The required information must be:

  • accessible from the institution’s Internet website home page by use of not more than three links;
  • searchable by keywords and phrases;
  • accessible to the public without requiring registration or use of a user name, a password, or another user identification;
  • available not later than the seventh day after the first day of classes for the semester or other academic term during which the course is offered; and
  • updated as soon as practicable after the information changes, at least once for every semester in which the course is offered.

The pages in the links fulfill Temple College’s requirements under HB 2504. To review Temple College’s compliance with this initiative, please visit our Compliance Reports page.

You can search for current and past course information through our course schedule site.


Course Schedule


Course Evaluations

Curricula Vitae & Syllabi

Work Study

Responsible Administrator

Dr. Susan Guzman-Trevino, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services, is the institution’s administrator responsible for implementing provisions of HB 2504. No later than January 1 of each odd-numbered year, her office will submit a written report regarding the institution’s compliance with the legislation.

Please contact her at with questions or concerns.

To report a broken link or if you have difficulty accessing the information on these pages, please email