The TSI Assessment (TSIA2) is the state-mandated placement test that Texas public institutions must use to determine a student’s readiness for college-level courses. The results of this important placement test will assist Temple College advisors in scheduling you in the courses where you will be most successful. Before taking the test for the first time, you are required to complete a pre-assessment activity.

TSI Assessment Fees

$15 - one section
$25 - both sections

TSIA2 Pre-Assessment

The TSIA2 Pre-Assessment will discuss the content and importance of the test, provide information on developmental education options if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard, and provide sample questions and feedback. Temple College is required to document your participation, so students must complete the pre-assessment activity before taking the test. When complete, please forward the certificate of completion to

If you’d like more TSI preparation resources, see the TSIA2 Test Preparation Resource List.

  1. Sign up for account
  2. Log in with the sign in information you used to create the account
  3. Select Texas Success Initiative Assessments 2.0
  4. Select Begin Pre-Assessment Activity
  5. Upon completion of the Pre-Assessment Activity, download your completion certificate. It can be emailed to or shown to us on your phone when you come in to test

Start Pre-Assessment

Taking the TSI Assessment

  1. TSI Assessment testing times - Testing is done on an appointment basis. Please email to schedule a time to test.
  2. Complete the TSIA2 Pre-Assessment and submit to the Testing Center - information above
  3. Pay the administration fee before or on the day you test.
  4. Arrive at the Testing Center with your photo ID and mask.
  5. Complete the TSI Assessment.
  6. Meet with an Advisor & register for classes.


Students may be exempt from taking the TSI for the following reasons:

  • The student has achieved high ACT, SAT, TAKS, GED or STAAR scores
    • Copy of scores on an official transcript or official score report is required
  • The student is seeking a Level – I Certificate
  • The student has graduated with an associates degree or higher
  • The student is transferring from an out-of-state or private institution and has earned 9 hours of college-level credit with a cumulative 2.0 grade point average.
  • The student is active duty or retired military

Temple College’s TSI Plan


Nearly every college in America accepts the SAT or Subject Tests as a part of its admissions process. That’s why more than two million students take the SAT every year.

To learn more about the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, register online, and view and send your SAT scores go to


The ACT® test assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.

  • The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science.
  • The Writing Test, which is optional, measures skill in planning and writing a short essay.

act-logoFor information about the ACT test – when the test is offered, how to register for the test, the cost of the test, and other information go to

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) provides an objective measurement of your critical reading ability, evaluates your level of success with basic mathematics, determines your effective speed in reading college level material and identifies how you approach study and which learning approach is most effective for you.



The ATI TEAS  test is one of several criteria that determine aptitude for a variety of health care occupations. The TEAS is administered by computer. This is a four-part assessment with sub tests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English Language Usage. The test taker is expected to have a functioning knowledge of algebra, fractions, percentages, statistics and other math functions. Generally speaking, the reading comprehension and math questions are at a tenth-grade level.

The TEAS is given year-round. A student may test twice per year between July to July regardless of what program they are applying for. Students need to take note of application deadlines for the Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Care, Surgical Technology, and the Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs and take the TEAS before those deadlines. The TEAS is available at both the Main Campus Testing Center and the EWCHEC-Hutto Testing Center.

The TEAS test may be taken by appointment only. Please contact to schedule a time to test in Temple or Hutto.

  • For due dates (last day to test), check with the program for which you are applying.

When you take the TEAS , do the following:

  1. Pay test fee to the cashier on the day of testing.
  2. Bring receipt to the Testing Center.
  3. Bring Photo ID – Cannot test without it

TEAS tests are administered for:

For assistance with preparing for the TEAS test, go to the Educational Assistance Center located on Main Campus in the Student Success Center. The EAC phone number is 254-298-8620.

The HESI Admission Assessment (A2) is designed to assess the academic and personal readiness of prospective students for higher education. It is particularly well-suited for prospective students in the health science fields, though it is applicable for basic skills for all potential students. The A2 consists of 9 different exams; however, the Temple College Nursing Department only requires students to take 5 of the assessments:

HESI Assessment Fee


  1. Vocabulary and General Knowledge
    The vocabulary assessment is designed to assess vocabulary skills, general knowledge, and critical thinking skills as a means of determining the student’s ability to succeed in a nursing education program.
  2. Mathematics
    The math assessment indicates a student’s basic math skills at the eighth and ninth grade levels. The math assessment covers basic math skills – whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and percentages. Also covered are additional skills such as household measures, the metric system, military time, temperature conversions, Roman numerals, and one-and-two-step problems.
  3. Reading Comprehension
    The reading comprehension assessment indicates basic reading and comprehension skills at the eighth and ninth grade reading levels. The reading selections that are used often relate to medical scenarios, or include commonly used concepts in health sciences. For example, a vocabulary term tested might include “ominous.” This is a standard English word, but is used frequently in nursing situations when referring to a patient condition, so it is important that students have an understanding of these types of words in order to be successful in reading their nursing textbooks.
  4. Personality Profile
    The personality profile assessment uses concepts related to introversion and extroversion to classify the student’s personality style.
  5. Learning Style
    The learning style assessment assesses the preferred learning style of the applicant and offers test-taking and study tips suited to the learning style.

The HESI A2 is given year-round. A student may test twice per year between September to September regardless of what program they are applying for. Students need to take note of application deadlines for the VN, Bridging, and Associate Degree nursing programs and take the HESI-A2 before those deadlines. The HESI A2 is available at both the Temple Campus Testing Center and the EWCHEC-Hutto Testing Center.

When the HESI A2 is being administered, it can be started any time. The test may be taken by appointment only. Please contact to schedule a time to test in Temple or Hutto.

When you come to take the HESI A2, do the following:

  1. Pay the fee to the Cashier on the day of testing
  2. Bring receipt to the Testing Center
  3. Bring Photo ID – Cannot test without it.

You will need to check with the Nursing Department for the dates the assessment will be offered. For information about the nursing program – HESI A2 dates, entrance requirements, information sessions, etc. – you may want to visit the Nursing Department website.

The Temple College Diagnostic Medical Sonography department requires HESI A2 to include Anatomy and Physiology, Mathematics, Reading, Learning Styles, and Personality Profile. Please notify the testing staff if you will be testing for this program so that you are given the correct version of the exam.

Online Exam Proctoring with ProctorU: What you need to know.

What is ProctorU?

For your convenience, the Temple College Testing Centers offer remote (online) testing using ProctorU. ProctorU is a service that monitors you while you’re taking your exams online to ensure that no cheating takes place, and to help you be successful. Using this service allows you the convenience of testing from home, or in a private space at the library at a time most convenient for you. Remote proctoring means a LIVE PERSON will be viewing you as you test. The proctor will require you do a 360 degree room scan to verify you are alone, and the room is clear of prohibited items. If you are not comfortable with a proctor monitoring your test through the computer, testing is offered Monday through Thursdays on campus.

How many times can I take the HESI?

Students are allowed two attempts per academic year (from September 2- August 31) to take the HESI A2 applying for the Allied Health program of their choice. This means two attempts on the HESI for Nursing and/or two attempts on the HESI for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Which sections of the HESI are included?

The Temple College Allied Health programs elect which sections they will consider for admission purposes, which are those offered through the Temple College Testing Center. HESI A2 for Nursing includes Learning Styles, Personality Profile, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics. HESI for Diagnostic Medical Sonography includes Learning Styles, Personality Profile, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Anatomy & Physiology.

How long do I have to take the test?

For each attempt, students taking the HESI for Nursing have 3.5 hours to take the HESI, and students taking the HESI for DMS have 4 hours to take the HESI. If a student has disability accommodation on file with the Disability Services Office, they may take the test with time and a half. Please if this applies to you (disability accommodation).

How much does this service cost?

The cost is $60 paid to ProctorU at the time of scheduling.

When will I know my results?

Like testing in person, immediately upon completing your HESI you will be able to view your score report.

How do I sign up to take a HESI for Temple College through ProctorU?

To sign up to take a HESI through ProctorU for Temple College, please visit the ProctorU website and follow the steps below.

  1. Confirm your institution- Elsevier-HESI
  2. Select a term- Temple College
  3. Select your exam- (First or Second attempt for Nursing or DMS)
Key information about Remote Testing with ProctorU

Please beware of these requirements, and prohibited behaviors. If you are found to violate these protocols your test will be voided, and your payment forfeited. You are recorded while testing.

  • You may use a white board with marker to do scratch work. HESI no longer approves the use of blank paper and pencil.
  • You may use the calculator built in to the exam, and no other calculator (no hand-held calculator is allowed).
  • Please dress appropriately, as you will be monitored by a live person.
  • You must be seated at a desk or table that is completely clear. You cannot sit in a bed to test.
  • You must test in a room alone. If someone walks through the room while you are testing, this is considered a test violation.
  • Television must be off- this is not allowed on in the room while you are testing.
  • Cell phone, ear buds, smart watch, etc. are not allowed in the room while you are testing.
  • You cannot lean out of the camera window while testing- this will flag you for violation.
  • You cannot read aloud to yourself while testing- this could be construed as cheating.
TSIA2 testing is offered remotely through Zoom on a limited basis. Remote testing is limited to one attempt per Temple College student.

TSIA2 Assessment Fee

$15 - one section
$25 - both sections

The TSI Assessment (TSIA2) is the state-mandated placement test that Texas public institutions must use to determine a student’s readiness for college-level courses. The results of this important placement test will assist Temple College advisors in scheduling you in the courses where you will be most successful.

Taking the TSIA2 Assessment Remotely

  1. Complete the preview activity found at
  2. Call the cashier at (254) 298-8610 to pay the assessment fee
  3. The student must have a desktop or laptop computer with a camera and audio enabled to be monitored while testing. Chromebooks and tablets are not compatible.
  4. Students must log in with a strong internet connection (dropped internet will lead to a paused exam, and the student will need to complete the test in person).
  5. Students must be in a private location to take the test undisturbed
  6. Students must have a photo ID for verification during testing.

Arranging a remote testing time can be done by emailing the Testing Center at