There are tests that can be taken in place of a course. Below are a list of these tests, fees, and testing times. A pdf is also below that describes these tests in more detail.

CLEP-Logo College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations demonstrate the specific knowledge and skills gained through job experience, outside course work, or specialized independent reading. The examinations require a high degree of knowledge. Information about CLEP examinations is available in the Testing Center and at

  1. CLEP policies and requirements are established independently by each participating institution. Students who plan to transfer to another college should contact that institution for specific information about its policies.
  2. CLEP examinations are administered at Temple College and scored by the College Board.
  3. Students who meet minimum score requirements will receive “credit” on their transcripts. Letter grades will not be recorded.

You will also set up your online account and make your payment to CLEP at this website.

The fee for CLEP is paid at, plus $40 paid to Temple College for administration.

Please call 254-298-8586 to schedule an appointment.

dsst-logo There are various DSST exams that can be taken for college credit. A full list can be found at

The DSST Program is a testing program provided by Prometric Inc. DSST’s mission is to help non-traditional returning adults, corporate trainees, as well as military members obtain credit for knowledge and skills acquired through nontraditional educational experiences.

  1. Each institution that adopts the DSST Program uses only tests suited to its curriculum, sets its own fee for test administration, sets its own testing schedule, and administers the tests.
  2. DSST examinations are administered at Temple College and are scored by Prometric Inc. Two score reports are automatically provided by Prometric; one for the student (accessible through the student’s online account) and one for the selected receiving institution.

The fee for DSST is $85 to the testing company (paid in the Testing Center on the computer, fee is subject to change) and $40 to Temple College for administration.

Please call 254-298-8586 to schedule an appointment.

Students admitted to the College may obtain college credit by taking examinations offered by various departments on campus. Institutional examinations are administered at Temple College and scored either by the Testing Center or by the appropriate department. Score reports are emailed to the student’s Temple College official email account within two weeks from the examination date. If the examination requires a lab, arrangements must be made with the Department Chair to administer and score that portion of the examination. Students meeting minimum score standards on Institutional Examinations will receive credit for the course on their transcripts. Students must complete one full semester in residence at Temple College before credit will be posted to their transcript. Institutional Exams may be taken one time. Permission to retake an exam may be granted by the Department Chair. Students interested in taking an Institutional Exam should contact the Testing Center.

The fee for institutional exams is $40 per credit hour.

Please contact the Main Campus testing center at 254-298-8586 before paying any fees to determine eligibility, correct fees, and to schedule an appointment.

The Advanced Placement (AP) examinations are offered once a year in May, usually in high schools that offer college-level courses based on AP course descriptions. Each high school that gives the examinations sets it own registration deadline (no later than March) and collects fees. Contact the high school counseling center for additional information. If no high school in the vicinity is administering AP examinations, students should write for information, by February 1, to AP Services, CN6671, Princeton, NJ 08541, or call 609-734-3800.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula and corresponding examinations are now being offered worldwide to highly motivated students who are enrolled in courses that are affiliated with the IB program. For information on the IB program, contact your local high school counselor or International Baccalaureate North America, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or call 212-696-4464.