Student Right to Know

Temple College provides information regarding academic programs, enrollment, financial aid, public safety, athletics and services for individuals with disabilities at this site pursuant to requirements of the Higher Education Act and the Campus Security Act. The information is accessible on the internet through links from this page. You also may obtain printed versions of this detailed information by contacting the appropriate point of contact linked below.

Institutional Information

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Academic Accommodations

Athletics Programs

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Institutional Security Policies and Crime Statistics

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Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Student Educational Privacy Rights

Student Right to Know Contacts
Area of Responsibility Name Telephone Email
Academic Programs Susan Guzman-Trevino 254-298-8340
Athletic Programs Craig McMurtry 254-298-8529
Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act Shannon Bralley 254-298-8586
Financial Aid Mary Daniel 254-298-8362
Graduation and Transfer Rate Julie Weaver 254-298-8357 
Security Report and Policies Brandon Bozon 254-298-8601