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Welcome to Temple College!

Whether you are looking to earn credits for transfer, graduate with an associate degree, complete a certificate for fast entry into the workforce, or take classes for personal enrichment, Temple College is dedicated to providing you with a quality education and a great life experience.

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Our Recruitment Team

Michael Pilgrim

Michael Pilgrim, Recruiter

Temple Campus: High School Recruitment & Campus Tours (Individual and Group)
(254) 298-8327

Louis Trevino

Louis Trevino, Recruiter

Temple Campus: Adult Student Recruitment & Community Outreach
(254) 298-8694

Billie Logiudice

Billie Logiudice, Recruiter

Taylor Center (EWCHEC): High School Recruitment, Community Outreach & HSI STEM Advisor
(254) 298-8954

Joe DeLeon

Joe DeLeon, Recruiter

Hutto Center (EWCHEC): High School Recruitment & Community Outreach
(512) 759-5665

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