Highlights of George H. Gentry’s presidency (1941-1945)

George H. Gentry George H. GentryGeorge Gentry was appointed by the Temple school board to the position of superintendent of Temple public schools and president of Temple Junior College for the duration of Dr. Joe Humphrey’s military service. George Gentry had been with the Temple school system since 1939 in the position of Temple High School principal and dean of Temple Junior College. He held a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a master’s degree from The University of Texas, as well as a teacher’s college professional diploma from Columbia University. Before coming to Temple, Gentry had served as the principal of Big Spring High School. He resigned his position as college president upon return of Dr. Humphrey’s return from military service.

Events during Gentry’s presidency:


Fall: Two clubs, the Business Administration Club and Personality Plus Club, were formed. The Business Administration Club was formed by faculty member Gracie Watson for students studying business, and the Personality Plus Club was formed by the home economics students.

December: Alumni gathered for the college’s third homecoming banquet.


Fall: Beginning with the 1942-43 school year, most of Temple Junior College’s social groups and athletic teams were removed as “casualties of war.”  The college began offering the U.S. Navy’s V-1 program and established a partial affiliation with the Scott & White School of Nursing. Also, a welfare committee was established in order to improve the college and well-being of its students. The appropriation for junior colleges approved by the state legislature in 1941 took effect, reducing tuition to $90 per year.

December: Alumni gathered for the college’s fourth homecoming banquet.


December: Alumni gathered for the college’s fifth homecoming banquet, the last one held until after the war.


Summer: The college offered a summer semester for the first time since 1928.