Temple College has had 10 presidents since it was founded in 1926:

1. Major Joseph S. Cook
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2. Dr. L.C. Procter
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3. Dr. Joe R. Humphrey
1939-1941 and 1945-1950 (Dr. Humphrey took a break for service during WWII)
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4. George H. Gentry
1941-1945 (acting president while Dr. Humphrey was on leave)
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5. S.P. Cowan
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6. Newman Smith
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7. Dr. Hubert M. Dawson
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8. Dr. Marvin R. Felder
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9. Dr. Marc  A. Nigliazzo
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10. Dr. Glenda O. Barron
Read more about Dr. Barron and her presidency

11. Dr. Christy Ponce
2019 -
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