Arnold Student Union

Marian Arnold Mozilla Arnold The Arnold Student Union Building, which opened in 1968, is named for Miss Mozella and Miss Marian Arnold, who taught English at Temple College for many years. Mozella Arnold was the first Temple College professor to receive the prestigious Piper Professor Award.

ASU - Arnold Student Union

The Temple College campus in Temple includes 10 buildings named for some of the people who played a key role in the development of Temple College.



Dr. Marc Nigliazzo The Administration Building is named for Dr. Marc Nigliazzo, who served as president of Temple College from 1995-2008.


Administration Building


Berry Hall

Bryant Berry Berry Hall, which opened in 1962, is named after Bryant Berry, a psychology instructor who also served as director of counseling and guidance.


BBH - Bryant Berry Hall


Dell Martin Nursing Education Center 

Dell Martin Nursing Education Center The Dell Martin Nursing Education Center, first built 1982, was renamed for Temple businessman Dell Martin in 2005 at the time an addition to the building was dedicated. Originally from Austin, Martin made his fortune as the owner and founder of Texas Hydraulics Inc. He provided funding for the addition after several nurses from Temple College helped care for him when he was hospitalized. The Martin family has also funded scholarships for nursing students.

Dell Martin Nursing Education Center


Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center 

Mary Alice Marshall The Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center, which opened in 1972, is named for Mrs. Mary Alice Marshall, who taught music and led the Temple Junior College choir from 1955 to 1973.

Performing Arts Center


Watson Technical Center 

Gracie Watson The Watson Technical Center, which opened in 1967, is named for Miss Gracie Watson, who chaired the Business Department.


Watcon Tech


Barron Student Success Center

Dr. Glenda O. Barron Dr. Glenda O. Barron served as president of Temple College from 2008 to 2018. Under her leadership, the college launched several student success initiatives and built the Student Success Center, which now bears her name. 

Barron Student Success Center


Danny Scott Sports Complex

Danny Scott Sports Complex The Danny Scott Sports Complex is named for Danny Scott, who served as athletic director at Temple College for 31 years.


Danny Scott Sports Complex


Hubert M. Dawson Library 

Hubert M. Dawson The Hubert M. Dawson Library, which opened in 1965, is named after Dr. Hubert M. Dawson, the 7th president of Temple College. Dr. Dawson came to Temple College as an instructor in 1928, and later served as assistant registrar then as associate dean and registrar.

Library building


Newton Science Building 

Dr. Anne Penney Newton The Newton Science Building, which opened in 1965, is named for Dr. Anne Penney Newton, who served as an instructor and chair of the Biology Department.


Newton Science Building