Achieving the Dream is a comprehensive non-governmental reform movement for student success. Together with a network of higher education institutions, coaches and advisors, state policy teams, investors and partners, Achieving the Dream helps more than four million community college students have a better economic opportunity and achieve their dreams.

Achieving the Dream believes that access to a high quality education in an inclusive environment is the right of all individuals and imperative for the continued advancement of a strong democracy and workforce. The growing network of community colleges across the country improves student success. Achieving the Dream is a catalyst for providing ways for colleges to strengthen and build their capacity to ensure that more students complete their college education and have more opportunity for economic success.

The goals of Achieving the Dream are to help more students earn degrees, complete certificates, or transfer to other institutions. Too many students leave community colleges without earning a certificate or degree, or without transferring to continue their studies. Consequently, they risk losing the opportunity to earn a livable wage. When students complete courses and earn credentials; however, they can improve their own lives, which ultimately benefits the nation.

Americans value opportunity. Community colleges provide it. They enroll almost half of all undergraduates in the country, providing the education that leads to greater economic opportunity and improved quality of life.

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Lumina Foundation for Education
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American Association of Community Colleges
Community College Leadership Program, the University of Texas-Austin
Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University
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