Temple College has received two additional awards for its leadership on the Math Pathways project, a statewide initiative designed to help community college students complete their required math courses in less time. The awards were presented Nov. 2 during the Texas Pathways Institute in Bastrop, Texas.

The Math Pathways project has four guiding principles:

  • Multiple math pathways with relevant and challenging math content aligned to specific programs of study;
  • Acceleration that allows students to complete a college-level math course more quickly than in the traditional developmental math sequence;
  • Intentional use of strategies to help students develop skills as learners; and
  • Curriculum design and pedagogy based on proven practice.

Awards were presented to community colleges that have demonstrated leadership in implementing each of these principles. Temple College was named an Exemplar College for both Principle 2 (Acceleration) and Principal 4 (Proven Pedagogy).

“Math pathways has tremendously benefited our students by providing them a way to accelerate through developmental mathematics and take a gateway mathematics course that is relevant to their field of study,” said Paula Talley, a mathematics instructor who oversees the college’s participation in the program. “The relevant mathematics content helps prepare our students to not only be successful in mathematics, but also in other college courses and the workforce. Ultimately, we are acting upon our institution’s vision to help students graduate and integrate into the workforce.”

Last year, Temple College was named an Exemplar College for both Principle I (Multiple Math Pathways) and Principle 3 (Learning Skills).

Temple College helped develop the Math Pathways project in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Thirty-four community colleges across Texas are now implementing the program.