The Temple College Hubert M. Dawson Library maintains a special collection of materials that have a historical significance to Temple College. This collection includes documents of permanent historical value such as official Temple College publications; papers related to Temple College, and publications generated by the administration, academic departments, faculty, staff, and student organizations. The collection also includes non-textual material related to Temple College such as photographs, videos and recordings.


Temple College Libraries will only consider donations and gifts that fall within this scope for possible inclusion in the special collection. Any material accepted commits Temple College Libraries to the task of organizing and preserving it, which includes expenses for labor and archival supplies. The Division Director, Learning Resources or designee will evaluate all donations or gifts for possible inclusion in the special collection. Due to liability, special collection donations will not be accepted “on loan” to the College. A completed Special Collection Donation form should be included with each donation.

Access to Collection

The Division Director, Learning Resources or designee, will consider requests for permission to place items from the special collection “on loan” on a case-by-case basis. Researchers/patrons are encouraged to use the special collection, but some of the material may be one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable or in fragile condition. As a result, researchers/patrons may only access special collection materials by appointment in the Hubert M. Dawson Library under supervision of library staff. A completed Request for Access to Temple College Libraries Special Collection form must be submitted to schedule an appointment to access the collections.