The Spanish classes offered at Temple College present the universal standard broadcast Spanish spoken in today’s global community. Emphasis is given to the standard Spanish spoken in our area of the world.

Students will learn about several of the cultural groups that speak the language. Each class stresses functional language that can be used in the community or abroad. Although full fluency normally requires years to achieve, specific functional, usable language can be developed from the very beginning through diligent practice. Even a beginning student will be able to help a Spanish speaker fill out a hotel registration form, sign up for school, make an appointment, or give and receive the information needed on a census form.

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Course Offerings

SPAN 1300 Beginning Spanish Conversation I
Course Description
SPAN 1411 Beginning Spanish I
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SPAN 1412 Beginning Spanish II
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SPAN 2311 Intermediate Spanish I
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SPAN 2312 Intermediate Spanish II
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