The History Department offers basic history courses that are designed to satisfy college credit requirements for the general Associate Degree program that is offered. This includes U.S. History To 1877 and U.S. History Since 1877. The department also offers classes in Texas History and Western Civilization.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Arts (AA) in History

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Rick Pretzsch


Program Information

High School History Teacher

Average entry-level salary $41,779
(with Bachelor’s Degree & Teacher Certification)


Average entry-level salary $40,324
(with Master’s Degree)

All data listed above incorporate Central Texas jobs and entry wages found on http://www.texaswages.com/WDAWages

Course Offerings

HIST 1301 United States History I
Course Description
HIST 1302 United States History II
Course Description
HIST 2301 Texas History
Course Description
HIST 2311 Western Civilization I
Course Description
HIST 2312 Western Civilization II
Course Description