The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program teaches students entry-level design skills in five areas: manufacturing, electronics, architecture, civil engineering, and geographic information systems. The certificate program trains experienced and aspiring professionals in various engineering fields to use CAD® software to produce designs, drawings, illustrations and presentations.

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Dr. Sandra Melendez


Degrees & Certificates

Level I Certificate in Computer-Aided Design

Program Information

Surveying Technician

Average entry-level salary $32,645
(with Associate Degree)


Average entry-level salary $51,610
(with Associate Degree)

All data listed above incorporates Central Texas jobs and entry wages found on

The CAD program is dedicated to producing work-ready, entry-level design technicians in the areas of civil drafting and surveying. Drawings are produced using sketching techniques and/or CAD software. Software used in this program includes AutoDesk® products, Arc GIS® and Microsoft Office.