Temple College offers the following scholarships to students who excel in certain areas:

Area Contact
Art Art Department
Child Development Child Development Department
Music Music Department
Basketball Basketball Coach
Baseball Baseball Coach
Softball Softball Coach
Volleyball Volleyball Coach

The Temple College Foundation also awards more than 300 scholarships a year to students who qualify.  Applications for these scholarships are accepted from January 1 through April 1. The Foundation offers workshops to help students write the essays that are required as part of the scholarship process.

Scholarship Opportunities

New! Latino Cultural Scholarship Award

The Temple College Humanities Series, in partnership with Young Adult LULAC Council 22305, is offering a new scholarship in Spring 2019 called the Latino Cultural Scholarship. Interested students need to complete a Temple College Foundation Scholarship general application (see link above) PLUS present a project that focuses on an aspect of Latino culture through arts, humanities or social sciences. For details, contact d.kirkland@templejc.edu.