New Mathways Project
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Three Math Pathways

New Math Pathways -

First Semester

All students in the NMP program will take 2 courses the first semester, a developmental mathematics course and a credit student success course as listed below.



Second Semester

During the second semester, students will choose to take one of the three courses or paths below.


  • MATH 1442 - Statistical Reasoning Course

    Students can start this path Fall 2013

    This college-level course in the Statistics pathway is designed for students with non-STEM majors—such as the humanities or social sciences—for whose career goals statistics will be relevant.

    Instructors will be Dr. Paul Foutz and Paula Talley


  • MATH 1332 - Quantitative Reasoning Course

    Students can start this path Fall 2014

    The college-level course in the Quantitative Literacy pathway serves students focused on developing quantitative literacy skills that will be meaningful for their professional, civic, and personal lives.

  • STEM Prep Pathway I and II Course

    Students can start this path Fall 2015

    The STEM Prep pathway prepares students to enter the Calculus track or technical programs that require strong algebraic skills.